Stand Up

Heart pounding,
quickened breath,
shaking hands,
thoughts stirred.
A call to prayer.

I am currently in the process of becoming certified to instruct yoga. Holy yoga to be exact. Its a wonderful way to connect with and worship God through movement, breath work, meditation and prayer. I am enrolled in a nine week distance learning program, and at the end of the nine weeks I will attend a yoga retreat in northern Arizona.
I am so blessed.
So blessed to have this opportunity, so blessed to have been led here by the Creator of the universe.
There are so many unique facets to this training program and the Holy Spirit uses each one to touch my life in a different way. I just got off the phone from the once-a-week webinar that we have, and right before the end, the instructor asked for a volunteer for prayer. I immediately thought, “oh someone else will do it, I dont have to worry.”
The instructor stated that she was sure that one out of the sixty-five of us on the call would feel impressed to pray, and in that moment I felt the Holy Spirit calling me. Without further delay, I spoke up, humbled to be leading my sisters in Christ out in closing prayer.
I am not sure why I feel compelled to share this experience with you, other than the fact that I just feel so honored to serve my Lord. I dont want to seem proud, like I accomplished anything on my own, because I didnt. Only by the leading of the Holy Spirit, only by surrendering my life to the will of God, am I able to find courage and strength to speak out for Him.

I feel so blessed to have been able to share my heart with those sixty-five other women, all seeking Christ’s will in their lives. I feel so humbled because I know that God is using me to be a blessing, even if I cannot see the fruits of my works. See thats not why we are here.
Our purpose in this life is not to “win souls” or “convert people.” Instead, my purpose is to bring glory to God. The only reason why I exist is so that whatever I do, whatever I say, can bring honor to the One who made me. Do you see why this is humbling? Do you understand a how this just blows my mind away?
There is nothing extraordinary about me. I am not the smartest person on the planet, nor am I the prettiest. I am not the CEO of a huge company or the leader of a nation. But God chose me. God chose me to pray. To stand up and say,

“I am available, use me.”

Thank you Jesus for walking with me, for standing by my side when I feel insecure and weak. Thank you for sticking around even when I freeze and fail to speak up. Thank you for your unfailing grace. For the ability to speak to you through prayer, words of praise and thanksgiving.


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