Exhibit A

In the midst of my loving Jesus, there are moments when things get cloudy. Times when the devil is working hard, striving to hurt me.
Satan brings sadness into my soul, he shows me things that I have put in my past, only to get me down.
He attacks in the midst of a spiritual high. He knows when we are most vulnerable.


The clouds creep in and it seems like there are no answers.


No one to turn to. No one to talk to. My closest friends seem so far away.


Tears of self pity streaming down my face.

And as I call on the name of the all powerful God of the universe, as I call on the name of Jesus Himself, I feel a desperate hopelessness. I know I need saving, I know I need Him. But there are these moments when everything and everyone are so far away.

It is in these moments that we must continue to trust the living God. We must believe that He will deliver us.

His mercy is new each morning. Perhaps todays depression shows a lack of sleep. Perhaps going to bed a few hours early is what is needed to rejuvenate our souls.

Praise Jesus for loving me. For always keeping His promises to me. For never leaving me to struggle alone. Even when I cant feel His presence, I know He is here, beside me. Guiding me.
Its a night for extra rest, my soul is in a troubled place. But I know Jesus is stronger than any darkness that exists in my life today.
I believe in a God who works miracles.
I pray my life to be exhibit A.


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