Repair Refresh

Ever feel like your skin is dry and rough? This happens to me when the weather changes, or when Ive been out in the sun for a long time. I have some ideas for repairing and refreshing tired skin. Follow this routine once a week to get a healthy glow and help revitalize your skin.

Lately Ive been wanting to find a really deep exfoliating, moisturizing scrub. Something that would help the moisture potion I created to really absorb into the skin. I dont like spending lots of money on expensive products, so I mixed up a few ingredients that I found in my kitchen to make this delicious scrub. (Delicious because it smells AND tastes good!)

First, blend together a combination of coffee grounds, sugar, salt, cinnamon, coconut oil and grapeseed oil in a small bowl.



Gently apply the mixture to face and lips, exfoliating the dead skin away with circular motions. Dont worry about getting this scrub in your mouth, it is edible! Stay away from the eye area.




Apply the scrub to the rest of your body, avoiding delicate areas such as areola and genitals. Also avoid any open wounds or skin lacerations. Feel free to really scrub this into areas of skin where cellulite is prominent or where skin is tough and dry. This is best done in the shower because the scrub will get all over the floor. If the scrub feels a bit dry, wet your hands with water and continue working the scrub into your skin.




Once you have throughly scrubbed yourself, rinse the scrub off with warm water, making sure to eliminate all the coffee grounds from your skin surface. I recommend rinsing the face with a simple cleanser post scrub if you have sensitive, oily, or acne prone skin. After rinsing your entire body, pat yourself dry with a towel and feel your skin. (This is my favorite part, RESULTS!)


So this next part is optional, I have sensitive skin and decided to do an Aloe mask to counteract the oils I scrubbed into my face. Cut a piece of fresh Aloe Vera off of the plant.




After washing it with water, cut off the spiky edges and slice down the center to expose the gooey flesh in the middle.




Apply the “Aloe guts” to your entire face; this will leave a clear film that will dry onto your skin. Wait 30 min.

For acne prone skin, this Aloe mask can be left on overnight- if the skin feels too dry after 30 min, pat on a simple moisturizer to seal in the moisture.




After 30 min, or the next morning if you left it on overnight, rinse the aloe mask off with a little bit of water and perhaps your favorite cleanser. It will feel gooey and slimy but this is perfect.

Your skin is now rejuvenated and moisturized, can you see the glow?




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