Breathing Heavy

Why does this happen to me?

Why do I have to feel sad? Depressed? Alone?

Why is it me that has to suffer? Why did I have to lose my brother?

This life is full of lies. Fools and the like. 

Ive opted to be different. I said I was changing. I have changed. But this still happens.

There are times when I feel like Im dying. Like everything is going wrong and I cant go on.

There are times when I feel like I am going insane. Times when I feel like God is so far out of reach. 

When I feel like my bones are about to disintegrate, when disappearing into non existence is very possible.  

Jesus help me. Help me have faith when I am faithless. Help me to survive this attack. I feel so alone, so helpless. Help me to be strong in my belief. Help me to disrupt the peace of Satan’s influence. 

Give me the strength to come through this fog. This mental breakdown. This physical disfiguration. 

Send extra angels. 



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