Only Grow

There are certain things one must realize about life in order to grow. Because growth only takes place in soft soil. Wet soil. A place where the dirt has been torn up, thrown around and smashed down. 

Growth is not a result of perfection. Finding yourself in a place of contentment, and therefore believing that you have arrived. Growth is struggle. A daily battle between mind, soul and heart. Vulnerability is the only cure. The only remedy strong enough to overcome all doubt and insecurity. 

Everyone needs SPACE to grow. Wether that space is in a city, the countryside, a house, an apartment, a heart. A void that needs to be filled. A place where something new and exciting can happen. A place to grow into the person you were meant to be. A place that brings you up and never tears you down. 

Growth and trust walk hand in hand. How can a plant grow towards the sun if it does not believe the sun will continue to nurture it? How can a child love its mother without trusting that she will take care of it?

There are new places of growth happening all around us, if only we trust ourselves enough to leap out and latch on to that growth. Thrive on the life that it brings into our lives. Forgetting to worry about the many things that make this world a miserable place, and focusing on the rays of reflected sunshine coming from within us. 

Sharing our light with the world.

One seed at a time.


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