Perfect Date

I like picnics. I like looking at the sky, shaping the clouds and counting the stars. I like to imagine. I like to remember. I like to smile. and laugh. and giggle.

I like home cooked food. Theres just something about food when you add love to the mix. 

I like dresses. and hats. rings and baby necklaces. 

I like reading. I like sunshine. I like moonlight. I like to write. 

I like parks, beaches, the roadside. 

I like adventures. Somewhere off the beaten path. Something new, exciting, dangerous. 

Somewhere down the road there will be a moment. A moment in time when I realize what I was missing out on all along. LOVE. A spark waiting to happen. A switch I havent come across yet. A moment in time where nothing else matters. When I realize that my life was meant to be matched up with his. 

Perfect, brilliant, passionate LOVE. 


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