One Four

Two Thousand and Thirteen.

The best and worst year of my life.

I could say its all been bad, but I would be lying. Because through the darkest days there have been glimpses of hope, prospects of a brighter tomorrow.

I dont know how I survived, how I made it to twenty three.

With the scariest year of life yet soon to be behind me, I wonder if this is what growing up is. Facing a world of opposition, where everything you thought is turned upside down, and youre left like Alice in Wonderland trying to figure it all out again.

This year, I lost my brother, found my sister, embraced my true self, made my dreams a reality. There are no words to describe the difficulties I am learning to overcome as the time passes. Each day is a brand new challenge.

Here at the end of a year I had so many high expectations for, I reflect on the things Ive learned.

1. To treasure my family.

2. To keep looking up.

3. To remember that I am my greatest enemy, and best ally.

4. To accept that asking for help is not a weakness but a strength.

5. To remember that nothing is certain.

6. To be thankful.

7. To love more.

My only hope for the coming year is that I am true to myself. No more compromise, no more ‘good enough’.

I am searching for ‘wholeness’, true happiness. Uninhibited by greed, expectation, or outside pressure.

This year is for a better self, inside and out. Practicing the things I have learned from the past, and pushing forward for a better future.

I want to be a better daughter, sister, friend, employee, coworker, acquaintance, passer by. A better me, so that you will be inspired to be a better you.

Leaving all regrets in the past, and focusing on today, right now, this moment. Together, we can change the world.


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