The Fame

Fame does not make one more real or important. 

It does not merit the right to be heard more or differently.

We all have voices. 

Mine is just as significant as yours. 

We crave fame because we believe that is the only way we will be heard. 

We want popularity because we want our words to mean something. 

Popular culture lies to us. She tells us that we need an audience to be worthy of speaking. A crowd in order to put on a show. 

Well let me tell you, I do not need fame or popularity to be able to believe in myself. To encourage myself. To BE myself. 

And neither do you. 

You are important. You are real. You have a voice, so use it. You have an impact, dont underestimate it. The people who dont stop to listen are unworthy of your wisdom. Too proud and arrogant and interested in themselves. They are drawn to the fame, wherever it may take them. 

But ground yourself. Do not waver. Be strong for yourself, and those who choose to hear your voice. 

You are making a difference. Even if you cant see it. Even if you dont get fan mail or thousands of likes on instagram. 

You are change. You are progress. If you can believe in yourself, then others can too.  It starts with the heart. So love more, give more, live more. Dont be concerned with the opinions of strangers. 

Just be. 



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