Reality Check

Its eating them alive. Its eating me alive. This phenomenon named death. 

It will eat your soul, make your face almost unrecognizable. 

It will consume your thoughts, muffle your screams and drive you to madness. 

A weight so heavy the heart turns to face the monster itself. Looking for an answer, looking for a truth. 

Its as if I live in a black cloud. No where to run, no where to hide. The witches wont leave, they haunt me day and night. The dreams, the nightmares. The screams, the bloodshed. 

I dont know what to do anymore. Im trying to help but I feel like everything I do isnt good enough. I feel like Im not good enough. 

I work and my work is reversed by the loss of sanity. The inability to think clearly. 

I am discouraged. So discouraged. I try to do something right and I feel heat in return. 

This beating in my chest skips and murmurs. My hands are shaking, this is getting harder. 

The writing, the focus. I find myself wanting more and more to never leave my bed. 

Will it ever stop? Will I ever find peace? Will they ever be happy again? 

I just want them to be happy again. 


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