Wakeup Call

I never knew the world was so cruel. 

I underestimated mankind. Gave them the benefit of the doubt, thought them to be more than they are. 

People are so mean. 

If you dont know me, dont talk about me. If you have nothing nice to say, dont speak at all. 

We dont even understand the things we say. We dont know what we are talking about.

How does one forgive so many, yet so few?

Why did this happen to me? To my family?


Will I ever find true happiness?

Will I ever be free?

Where can I find peace?

When will the nightmares stop?

Is this real life?

I have so many questions and not one answer.

There are no more “ifs” to be asked. No more possible scenarios. 

Death is final. Nothing comes after. 

No that is not true, there are questions, infinite questions. Questions that no one has the answers to. 


As I struggle on, as I try to find some semblance of normality in this grotesque world; I wonder one last question, will I ever feel complete again?


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