Hell No

Today it took so much effort to get out of bed. I had a meeting to be at but was late because I just couldnt move. Class was a bit mundane, but I earned a high B on my Economics exam and that just made my day.

It got better from there.

I went to my best friend’s photography class and was a model for the students. My best friend is a great photographer. LOTS of good photos.

I had a great microwave lasagna for dinner tonight, it was a veggie lasagna by Michael Angelo from Sprouts. mmm yum!

Then I went to my best friends house because we were supposed to go out but ended up having band practice. It was awesome as usual. Theres something about us that clicks, its amazing that I have a friend that loves music as much as I do. I love it! We practiced a few songs including Hello by Martin Solvig. Hello became Hell No and that was that.

Tonight I am falling asleep peaceful, unbothered by the busyness of this life. Off to the land of dreams…


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