New Focus

I joined a gym yesterday. Ive got this energy that makes me want to look better, feel better, be better.

Funny story, remember my roommate A? (She is mentioned in the first few entries of this blog) Well I decided to get on a cardio machine last night at the gym and purely by coincidence, I got on the machine right next to her! Didnt even realize it until I was a couple minutes in. I had to laugh, because she knew it was me, but didnt say a word. Good thing, because I would have shot her off her high horse. She couldnt even workout next to me for 5 minutes. My positivity must be contagious.

Anyways, my journey to a better me begins, and I couldnt be more excited.

Last night: cardio.

This morning: arms and abs.

Tonight: cycle class.

Im obsessed. Lets hope this lasts.


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