The Next

Finally the end of the semester is here. I took my last final this morning, and I couldnt be more relieved. No more studying! At least for now.

It seems bittersweet, the coming to the end of something. Its like leaves turning brown in the autumn, falling off the trees only to be blown away by the wind. But at the same time, the tree is left bare, ready for new leaves to sprout and blossoms to appear. Perhaps if we looked at things from the other end sometimes, if we said Sweetbitter instead of Bittersweet.

Dont focus on the negative aspects of life too often, instead embrace the life you live today. The moments you have right now. If youre not happy with where you are, get up and move. If you dont make your own changes, who will? You dont live with your mother anymore, she wont cook or do your laundry for you.

I like to see blank pages in front of me. Empty space. Space I can use to create whatever I want. Stories I write with my actions, pictures I paint with my words.

Eternal horizons, untarnished by my past, only strewn with imaginations of my future. In this life, there is no END, till death do us part, because everything in life is simply, NEXT.


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