Loud Mouth

So my roommates boyfriend talks way too much.

A simple “how are you” should never be asked of him because a ten minute spiel is shortly to follow. Not only is there more information volunteered than is wanted, its mostly negative.

Whine bitch whine bitch whine.

I dont get it! But it seriously takes a special woman to put up with all that nonsense negativity. My roommate is that special woman. Perhaps its because she has just as many problems herself, I’m not quite sure.

He is a nice guy, thats evident; but there is something about the sound of his voice and his negative opinion about EVERYTHING. no exaggeration is needed.

I heard about his “back-breaking” day three times today. Once when I came home from school, again when my roommate called him, and again when he was speaking to another person on the phone. All in the span of about ten minutes. How many people do you need to burden with your problems before you feel satisfied? How many ears do you have to talk off until someone finally says I DONT WANT TO HEAR IT!

I’m starting to get that bad taste in my mouth. Its getting annoying.

When I ask you how you are, its to be polite, not because I want to hear all about every detail of your terrible job.

A simple “fine” will do.


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