A Fix

I want something pretty that I never want to take off.
I want a new piercing or three.
I want to eat healthy foods and drink wheat grass. Everyday.
I want a pair of new boots.
I want to be happy, stress free.
I want to be closer to my friends.
I want to learn how to ride a skateboard.
I want to feel vibrant in the morning, not lethargic.
I want to wake up next to him more often.
I want my doggie love to be able to live with me.
I want to have cuter clothes.
I want to be content.
I want to read a good book.
I want to paint the side of a building.
I want to play in the snow.
I want to go to Paris.
I want a healthier body.
I want a real designer bag.
I want a bathtub.
I want to meet nicer people.
I want new uggs.
I want to be more confident.

If only it was that easy…


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